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14 Nov
A Health Miracle- Turmeric Powder

What is turmeric powder?

A member of the ginger family, turmeric is a native of Southeast Asia and is mostly farmed there for commercial purposes in India. Its rhizome, or underground stem, is utilized in traditional medicine and as a spice in food.

India and Central America are home to the herb plant known as turmeric. Due to its near-universality in Indian food, you probably already know it. proper up arrow You might locate the root in the produce section of the grocery store if you're eating fresh turmeric (as opposed to taking it as a supplement; more on that later). It resembles ginger but is smaller.

Additionally, turmeric is available as a ground spice that can be purchased on its own or combined with other spices to make curry powder. Ayurvedic medicine has traditionally used turmeric as a remedy for ailments like pain and weariness. proper up arrow In fact, it has been used in Southeast Asia for 4,000 years as a culinary spice and in religious rituals. It is widely utilized as a modern-day natural medicine for lowering inflammation and curing sickness because it has lately been dubbed a "superfood."

Benefits of Turmeric powder

- a boon to your health.
relieves arthritis symptoms:
Turmeric powder's anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for treating arthritis. Additionally, its antioxidants eliminate free radicals from your body that cause cell damage. Therefore, regularly take haldi if you or a member of your family has arthritis or any other type of joint discomfort or aches.

makes the digestive process better:
Consume the raw haldi if you are experiencing digestive issues or any other GI-related problems. It rapidly increases the effectiveness of your digestive process by encouraging the production of bile in your gallbladder. Apart from that, take Jaywant Aarogyam Natural turmeric powder every day if you suffer from a common condition like gas or bloating.

reduces the risk of cancer:
You'll be shocked to learn how useful this readily available spice in your kitchen is! Yes, the chemical curcumin in it offers a hopeful defence against this fatal cancer. It is also helpful in cancer therapy since it increases the effects of chemotherapy and improves the efficacy of the entire course of treatment. And it gets much stronger when taken with freshly ground black pepper.

It increases immunity:
The antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties of turmeric help to strengthen your immune system and increase your resistance to pathogens. The greatest treatment for colds and flu is a teaspoon of Jaywant Aarogyam turmeric powder dissolved in a glass of warm milk every day.

cures the wounds quickly:
Haldi is ideal for treating any cut, wound, burn, or infection! It works very well as a disinfectant due to its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Simply take a pinch of Jaywant Aarogyam turmeric powder and sprinkle it over the cut, wound, or burn to treat it. It is a go-to remedy!

Market of spice in India:
In 2021, the Indian spice market had a total revenue of INR 142,569.3 Crores. The publication projects that the market will grow at a CAGR of 11.29% between 2021 and 2027, reaching INR 270,928.4 Crores. We are constantly monitoring and assessing the direct as well as indirect impact of the pandemic on various end use industries while keeping in mind the COVID-19 uncertainties.

Turmeric market in india:

The market for turmeric was valued at $4.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2021 to 2026. Turmeric industry demand is rising as a result of its inherent anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which are boosting its applicability across end-user industries.

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