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4 Jan

Are Frozen Peas Healthy To Eat?

It has been asserted that frozen foods are less nutrient-dense than fresh foods, but this is untrue. In actuality, freezing aids in the long-term vitamin and mineral retention of food. The Philadelphia-based registered dietitian strongly advises keeping a supply of frozen peas in your freezer at all times out of all the accessible frozen meals. While most people are familiar with green peas as a legume, the USDA Dietary Guidelines still classify legumes as vegetables. "Frozen peas offer a supply of plant-based protein as well as the health advantages of a starchy vegetable, Only over 5% of peas sold globally are fresh and the rest of the peas are sold frozen as they can be kept for a longer time as compared to fresh peas.


Benefits Of Frozen Peas

Nutrition in Frozen Peas:


Peas have been described as a seasonal treat that tastes like summer, therefore it is understandable why they remain one of the most consumed vegetables in the world. Peas are nutritious, adaptable, and delicious. They include a wealth of vitamins and minerals that have numerous health advantages. They can be used to make a variety of foods, including pesto, risotto, fish pie, and ice cream. Peas may add a special touch to your favorite dishes. Our garden peas have no saturated fat and only 68 calories per 100g. They include vitamins B1, C, and folate among other minerals. Peas have a low sugar content but a high fiber content. We should all strive to eat more fiber, and including a side of peas in your meal might increase its overall satisfaction.

Why are frozen peas better?

Within 2 1/2 hours after being gathered fresh from the field, our peas are frozen. The peas are frozen as soon as they are harvested, preserving all of the minerals and natural vitamins. This implies that frozen peas can be harvested at the height of maturity, when they are most nutritious. When the peas are frozen, they retain more vitamin C than when they are fresh or at room temperature before they are served to you. However, we are able to offer frozen green peas all year round since we freeze the recently harvested peas. Frozen peas are always available, whether you want a cool pea and watercress soup in the summer or a cozy pea and ham soup in the winter. They can be conveniently kept in the freezer and used as needed. Frozen beans will not be wasted and thrown away, unlike their fresh counterparts.

The frozen peas are enriched with protein:

About 8 grams of dietary fiber are included in one cup of cooked peas, which is an excellent serving to help meet the daily goal of 25 to 38 grams for adults, according to the USDA Guidelines. Peas and other high-fiber foods have been linked to better digestive health, lowered cholesterol, and blood sugar control. Peas are a fantastic source of minerals and vitamins like potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, C, and K. Peas also contain fewer carbohydrates than other starchy veggies like potatoes. Any diet should include protein as a key component. Your body utilises protein to create hormones, maintain the immune system, produce tissues and bones, and much more. Protein should be a part of any balanced diet, but meat isn't the only source. Like other members of the legume family, green peas are frequently regarded as a fantastic source of vegetarian protein. Every 100g of our garden peas has 4.9g of protein. This makes them a fantastic option to add more meatless protein to your diet as a side dish or as a component of a main dish. Peas are delicious in risottos, pesto, dips, and soups. Now you can

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Pea shelling is a time-consuming task. No one has enough time to first remove the peas from the shells and then begin the cooking procedure, especially when they are in a hurry. Frozen peas save the day in cases like this. Without the trouble of plucking and storing them out, frozen peas are simpler to use. A packet of frozen peas can be purchased at the market and used whenever desired.

How to cook frozen peas:

Even whilefrozen peas are a wonderful source of nutrients, some can be lost during cooking. In addition to being heat-sensitive, several vitamins are water-soluble. The greatest nutrient loss from boiling vegetables, including peas, has been seen. Accordingly, steaming is one of the gentlest methods for preparing peas while preserving nutrients. Peas can also be roasted or baked in the oven after being steamed, or they can be sautéed in oil or butter on the stove. Use the least quantity of water possible during cooking, regardless of the technique you select. Jaywant Aarogyam is the leading

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