14 August

Benefits and Applications of Tomato Powder

Hello, viewers! It's time for you to bid the raw vegetables and skins farewell. Declare that dicing is unacceptable, or your entire meal will be ruined by vegetable skins. What are we discussing? .
Okay! Let's proceed. Imagine a food item that is intensely savory, juicy sweet, and just a touch acidic. Have you ever wondered how instant rice mixes or snacks get their distinctive aroma? If so, you should be aware that these food powder product manufacturers spice things up with those full packs of the purest ingredients.
Therefore, if you selected tomatoes, your assumptions about that exquisite blend of perfection were accurate!

Such phrases are obviously perfect for tomatoes that are deep red and in the middle of the summer. There is some good news, though. Yeah! No of the season, people may indulge in this mouthwatering crimson treat that combines brilliant color and flavor.

You are correct! We are discussing the process of turning pulpy red tomatoes into natural tomato powder. Jaywant Aarogyam's fine dried tomato powder, which has no signs of clumps or wetness, may give any instant or ready-to-cook product a fragrant twist. Jaywant Aarogyam is the leading

manufacturer of Spray dehydrated products In India

Do you want to learn more about Jaywant Aarogyam's transformation process? So you've come to the right place!

How is tomato powder produced?
Then, we sort to remove the rotting, damaged tomatoes from the naturally grown, healthiest, and reddest tomatoes that we obtain from the farmers. The tomatoes are then deseeded, diced, and fed into the crushers. The tomato juice is extracted by the crushers. The freshly extracted juice is put right away into the spray drying machines' filtering chambers. The filtered juice is then added to an atomizer to create tiny droplets of liquid. Through a nozzle, the spray dryer distributes hot air over these tiny droplets. The powder is gathered in the bottom discharge as the moisture slowly evaporates.

Uses of Tomato Powder:
Because it preserves its natural characteristics, tomato powder tastes just like fresh farm tomatoes. You'll get a breath of the recognizable, acidic scent of freshly picked tomatoes as soon as you open the package.
Every dish to which spray-dried tomato powder is added will have the same flavor.
A good substitute for artificial flavoring and coloring is dry tomato powder.
Naturally, the topic of how to use dried tomato powder arises. There are numerous methods to use

spray-dried tomato powder

to improve the flavor and scent of the cuisine.

It can be utilized in both residential and commercial food preparation.
- Masala Powder:
Companies that produce masala products, such as instant tomato rice mixes and instant gravy powder, combine dried tomato powder with additional ingredients.
- Seasonings:
For seasoning powder to be sprinkled on chips, popcorn, puff, and savory foods to create a tangy tomato flavor, seasoning businesses combine dried tomato powder with a variety of substances.
- Tastemakers:
To enhance the flavor and scent of instant noodles, pasta, instant soup mix powder, and other products, instant food manufacturers combine tomato powder with onion powder, garlic powder, and other ingredients to create a tastemaker.
- Powder for Instant Rice Mix :
Few people are aware that spray-dried tomato powder is an essential ingredient in the majority of Ready To Cook food mixes, including quick biryani rice mix, Matar paneer, and pilaf mix.
- Sauce
Manufacturers of sauces and chutneys also favor spray-dried tomato powder over fresh tomatoes, extracts, pastes, and pulp. The process is particularly time-efficient because the dried tomato powder combines nearly immediately.
- Benefits of Tomato Powder :
This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and the information below will help you.
- Entirely organic
The healthiest tomato harvest is used to create the spray-dried tomato powder, making it entirely natural.
- Free of preservatives and chemicals

dried tomato powder

is produced without the use of chemicals and kept in its original state. Therefore, it is better for you than other tomato processing methods.
- Shelf life
Due to the lack of moisture and the use of spray drying, the dried tomato powder has a longer shelf life. Unlike other processed tomatoes, which lose their freshness within months after purchase, dry tomato powder keeps its flavor for almost a year.

It blends in flawlessly with the other ingredients and is simple to use. In these times of severe inflation, it is a wise investment because it has a longer shelf life. Using natural tomato flavoring powder reduces operating costs for restaurants. In summary, there are over a dozen benefits to using spray-dried tomato powder over purees, artificial flavors, extracts, pastes, and fresh tomatoes.

Why Us?

Spray-dried tomato powder is produced and supplied by Jaywant Aarogyam, a leading

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. prepared naturally from fresh tomato
Popcorn, chips, instant foods, ready meals, instant rice mixes, seasonings, tastemakers, masala, spice blends, snacks, instant soup mix, ready meals, beverages, cookies, and confectionery are the ideal applications for our tomato powder.