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Frozen Sweet Corn

The nutritional value of frozen sweet corn makes it conceivably healthier. Sweet corn is an excellent source of dietary fiber, potassium, and numerous B-complex vitamins, particularly folate and niacin (vitamin B3).


high-quality frozen sweet corn

necessitates blanching and then cooling in ice water. Prior to freezing, the natural enzymes in corn must be inactivated to avoid color and nutrient loss as well as flavor and texture alterations. A heated blanching process inactivates these enzymes.

When properly prepared, a large bag of frozen corn keeps for several weeks in the freezer and tastes just as good as corn straight off the cob. And compared to fresh, it really takes less time to prepare. It's also nourishing! Frozen corn contains less calories than fresh or canned corn, jaywant aarogyam offers

frozen sweet corn

and other

frozen products

which taste the same as the fresh ones.

The benefits of sweet corn

The high fiber content of sweetcorn is one of its key nutritional advantages. And as we all know, dietary fiber is crucial for good health since it helps with digestion and lowers the risk of colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Fiber also prolongs your feeling of fullness.

How to use Jaywant Aarogyam’s frozen sweet corn?

  • Salads with sweet corn: Include some sweet corn kernels in your go-to salad dish. It gives salads a delicious punch.
  • Cook some sweet corn and blend it into a broth to make sweet corn soup. Blend the corn completely if you prefer smooth soups. Depending on your preference, you can even leave some pieces. Add some seasonings, garlic, and onions last.
  • Create a sweet corn dip by using sweet corn. You did read that correctly. The corn cob should be boiled, then seasoned to taste and whipped into a mixture. For tartness, you can also add lemon juice.
Frequently Asked Questions

It is convenient to utilize frozen corn at any time because it keeps its freshness for a long time. After quality control, the corns are instantly frozen to preserve their flavour, making them wholesome and nourishing. Create your own creamed corn, corn soup, or top pizza with it.

You should generally boil frozen corn for a longer period of time than fresh corn. Compared to frozen corn on the cob, frozen, shucked kernels cook more quickly. Cook the shucked kernels for 2-3 minutes or until tender in boiling water, and the frozen cobs for 5-8 minutes or until tender.

Frozen corn that has been properly stored will often continue to be safe to consume after around 12 months in the freezer, during which time it will maintain its optimum quality.