Dehydrated Green Chilli Powder

Utilizing traditional fresh green chile might result in lengthy processes, a lot of waste, seasonal price variations, and short shelf life.

The food industry is constantly searching for innovative ways to use resources while reducing waste, cost, and time while keeping the quality and flavour of the raw materials. Jaywant Aarogyam is the

leading Manufacturer of Green Chili powder In India.

Our selection of dehydrated green chilli varieties complies with all industry standards for the food service sector. removes the hassles associated with utilising traditional fresh green chilli, such as peeling, cutting, slicing, chopping, weeping, and grinding. Preserving quality while extending shelf life to up to a year lowering the price significantly. Not a single waste.

These items were created by us to address the problems caused by the use of traditional fresh ingredients. These goods, in our opinion, are a game-changer for the food business as a whole.Current food ingredient industry applications for our products are numerous.

How to Use Our Dehydrated Green Chili Powder

  • Commonly used Spice blends,
  • Salad dressings,
  • Sauces, Gravies,
  • Frozen foods,
  • Meats & processed foods,
  • Food Premixes,
  • Health Food,
  • Extruded Snacks Food and Instant Food Products.
Frequently Asked Questions

After being stored at 5°C green chili powder packaged in flexible packaging foil maintained its colour and vitamin C. Under these circumstances, the shelf life and quality of green chili can be maintained for up to 6 months without the use of artificial preservatives.

A half-teaspoon of these dried, crushed chili flakes, which can be used in place of fresh chiles, are about equivalent to one chopped fresh chili. Half a teaspoon of chili powder, which is prepared from ground dried chiles, is equivalent to one chopped fresh chili.

The shelf life of chili powder is very long. Store in sealed containers away from heat and light. It will continue to be fresh for two years. To keep the asafoetida fresh, chunks can be added.

Jaywant Aarogyam, Is the

leading manufacturer and supplier of dehydrated Green chili In India.

High-quality Green Chili powder is used in various Industries in India and worldwide.