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Aarogyam’s Red Chilli Powder And Flakes

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manufacturer of Red Chilli Flakes and powder in India,

Red chilli flakes are made from a mix of peppers from the capsicum annum family.Our red chilli flakes are meticulously prepared for you and your kitchen.

With simple, hassle-free preparation, our

chilli flakes

give the same delicious flavors you love from food created from scratch.


high quality chilli powder

,is all natural with no added colours, flavours and preservatives. Green Chilli powder can be used to make pickles, chutneys, sauces and can be added to curries. It can be also used in dry soups mixes, stuffing mixes, food preparations, vegetable mixes, fried snacks like Pakoda, Samosa, Rolls . They are a good source of vitamin A & C.

How to Use Our

Jaywant Aaarogyam Red Chilli Powder and Flakes

  • Very often one can find lots of seeds, which some people believe intensifies the heat. But in reality the heat actually comes from the vein or pith of the pepper on which the seeds grow.
  • Red chilli Flakes

    can be used in pickling, chowders, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, soups and sausages. However, they are also used for many other dishes such as stir-fry, pastas, salads and infusing cooking oils. And the taste is incredibly warm and mysterious, with just a touch of spiciness.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aids in Digestion.
  • They Have Cardiovascular Benefits.
  • Helps Improve Your Metabolism.
  • Fights with Cold and Flu.

Jaywant Aarogyam, Is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Red Chilli flakes & Chilli powder In India.

Like other spices, dry ground chilies and chili powder are best within six months of the purchase date. Whole chilies and chili flakes are more durable, retaining good flavors for up to a year if properly stored.