Dry Tomato Powder

Aarogyam’s Dry Tomato Powder

Add a Delicious Pop of Tangy Tomato Flavor to your Dishes with The

Best Tomato Powder In India

Our Dry Tomato Powder is the perfect alternative to fresh tomatoes in your dishes. It's made entirely from fresh and ripe tomatoes that have been spray- dried into a powdered form, removing the humidity while conserving the taste and nutritive benefits of the constituents.

No need to stress about washing and cutting tomatoes, preparing pastes, or blending them into purees. Our dehydrated tomato powder is extremely handy and brings the rich taste, aroma, and color of fresh tomatoes to your medications without adding humidity, texture, or volume.

You can use this dried tomato powder a spice in your curries, mists, and rice or seasoning for your snacks, gravies, and chuck.

It's a must- have seasoning in your kitchen and will surely perquisite up any form that needs the stimulating, sweet-sour, tomatoey flavor.

How to Use Our

Dried Tomato Powder

  • Sprinkle it on salads, roasted veggies, and pasta for a pungent kick.
  • Stir it into gravies, curries, and mists.
  • Season your corn, popcorn, and chips.
  • Add it to gravies, aggravations, and pickles.
  • Blend it into gravies, dips, and chutneys.
  • Flavor your rice, kebabs, and egg dishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tomato powder is quite versatile in its uses. You can add it to soups, salads, pizzas, stews, sauces, eggs, pasta, vegetables, roasted potatoes, spice blends, etc. Add dried tomato powder in the last 15 minutes of your cooking.

Tomato powder is very potent in its flavor. You can use around one teaspoon of dehydrated tomato powder as a replacement for one medium-sized fresh tomato.

Tomato powder uses fresh tomato pulp that is spray dried into a powdered form. Tomato paste is made with tomatoes that are cooked to reduce their water content, strained, and cooked again to form a thick paste. Tomato paste is used early during the cooking process, while powder is added in the last few minutes.